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  • We needed a way to get patient forms into the chart & printing and scanning hard copies of registration packets and other docs wasn’t going to cut it.

    When we started investigating how to better capture, store and manage patient forms and form data, there was an obvious content management solution: MEDITECH’s Scanning & Archiving. But we soon realized that this was only part of the puzzle. We needed a way to get patient forms into the chart & printing and scanning hard copies of registration packets and other documents wasn’t going to cut it. That’s why we chose an electronic forms solution from Access.
    Once we’d made this decision, it soon became obvious that we need a plan to ensure we rolled out e-forms alongside MEDITECH SCA effectively. Here are five steps we took to make this happen:

    1) Establish a forms committee (and make sure HIM leads it!)

    With any multi-department IT project, it’s all too easy to let chaos reign (hearing me, fellow IT/IS managers!?). That’s why an established forms committee can evaluate and prioritize form needs across the entire health system. Doing so not o…

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  • You would be surprised how many media outlets who report on health it topics don't really know what they're talking about. Let me prove it to you.

    A few months back, someone from what appears to be a trusted company sat down and thought to themselves, "hey, let's put an amazingly cool visual graph together on the most popular EHR systems out there". They then sat down, ran some numbers in excel based off data they had and came up with a visual spreadsheet that frankly looks pretty cool. The concern? There are clearly healthcare professionals looking at their graphs to mold how they feel about EHR products. The problem? They clearly do not work in the healthcare industry. How do I know? They didn't include one of the largest EHR vendors in the world in their stats. Yes, ladies and gentleman, they omitted Meditech. And sadly, the issues don't end there...

    To add more shame into the mix, I have to note that this website has an estimated traffic of 162,000 users per month. Seeing is believing, so take a second to check out the chart here..
    Aside from leaving Meditech out, it has to be noted tha…

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  • A simple reference guide that provides background on SQL Terminology for beginners.

    “Crystal Reports”
    A reporting solution currently owned by SAP. Read-only environment that allows you to build complex report files from a relational database. Strengths are with formatting and presentation.

    “Microsoft SQL Server”
    The base engine that resides on a server that controls one or many SQL databases. Very popular RDBMS.

    Stands for “Open Database Connectivity”. A standard interface for connecting to a relational database system. Windows applications and reporting tools can use this technology to access a RDBMS data across a network.

    A type of SQL Statement that returns data from the database. Most often it begins with the SELECT keyword. Queries are read only and typically do not change any data. Data for all reports are built from some sort of a query.

    “Relational Database Management System” (RDBMS)
    Type of database structure, different than hierarchical. Tables…

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