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  • Scanning and Archiving

    In addition to Beth's comment, keep in mind that we have more info on Access' Intelligent Forms Suite on The Floor Plan. This is the area where you'll have access to video demo's

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    We are in the process of implementing charging by documentation for our Cardiopulmonary Department - They have been using PCS for about years to document. Inquiring what your policies are in regards

    Last by J**** ********
  • Group Response Dictionary

    I also like to rank the elements by 10s so the first one is 10, the second one is 20, the third one is 30 etc. Then when I have to add something toward the top of the list, I don't have to renumb

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  • I've got 1 idea for MEDITECH hospitals that better work, but before I go into it...

    Let me start by saying, this whole thing began because I worked for MEDITECH Hospitals as an analyst and wanted to make a difference. A difference in patient care, a difference in how much it cost to receive it and a difference in how people looked at how IT can make a difference in our healthcare system.

    That said, who am I kidding? At first, our first site was "visually challenged". :-)

    Fortunately, our user community was strong enough for sponsors to roll with what we were doing and we were able to create this powerful platform from the ground up. Give me grief for saying it guys, but numerous sponsors made this possible, notably Leidos Health and Dell who stepped up to the plate. I know I'm not supposed to point businesses out, but they saw what we wanted to do for the MEDITECH user community and supported a new concept. In today's world, you've got to tip your…

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  • There are a lot of articles and statistics on the internet touting how much money eLearning can save an organization. Does this hold true for EHR implementations in healthcare? I would like to say the answer is simple but there are many factors to consider.

    There is an art to creating eLearning that engages the mind and critical thinking skills and increases retention. Unfortunately, a good majority of “eLearning” today in healthcare consists of automated PowerPoint slides that the participant can click through while multitasking. Clicking through a presentation typically does not really lead to “learning”. If you reduce seat time by keeping employees on the unit but they do not learn anything, have you saved money?

    Considerations for eLearning in a healthcare setting

    - Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere
    - Timely learning
    - Consistent delivery
    - Learner engagement/retention of learning
    - Self-paced delivery
    - Reduced cost

    Synopsis: eLearning c…

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  • Healthcare organizations who are dealing with increasing patient loads and the task of meeting government and industry requirements have two main goals: to reduce costs and simplify management. It’s also critical that they ensure reliability and availability with the systems they use. Many healthcare organizations still rely on faxing as their main mode of information distribution, even though faxing comes with hardware failures and maintenance issues, not to mention security risks.

    One way healthcare organizations can reduce costs, simplify management and increase reliability is by taking advantage of virtualization and voice over IP (VoIP) technology. With NetFoIP, they can take advantage of both. NetFoIP is a completely virtualized faxing solution for NetDelivery and NetFax, Interbit Data’s healthcare report distribution solutions. By allowing the virtualization of the NetDelivery and NetFax servers, NetFoIP enables hospitals to improve operational efficiency, remove h…

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