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  • Numbering a PDOC Problem List

    Yes, Erin is correct that is what we have done and it works well after choosing the problems in the p-doc the provider can manipulate them to what ever order he or she wants.
    hope it works out

    Last by P***** *****
  • Inpatient Only Procedures

    Does anybody have a good process to identify (either to admitting staff or physicians) that they are scheduling an Inpatient only procedure? We are a 6.07 pp4 site and using ORM and CPOE. We have set

    Last by J******* *****
  • Pre Admission Orders


    At our facility and pre-op work up is presented with a hand written requisition and then when presented at admissions the staff creates the REG REF account. Any pre-op orders that are needed fo

    Last by J******* *****

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  • There are a lot of articles and statistics on the internet touting how much money eLearning can save an organization. Does this hold true for EHR implementations in healthcare? I would like to say the answer is simple but there are many factors to consider.

    There is an art to creating eLearning that engages the mind and critical thinking skills and increases retention. Unfortunately, a good majority of “eLearning” today in healthcare consists of automated PowerPoint slides that the participant can click through while multitasking. Clicking through a presentation typically does not really lead to “learning”. If you reduce seat time by keeping employees on the unit but they do not learn anything, have you saved money?

    Considerations for eLearning in a healthcare setting

    - Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere
    - Timely learning
    - Consistent delivery
    - Learner engagement/retention of learning
    - Self-paced delivery
    - Reduced cost

    Synopsis: eLearning c…

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  • Healthcare organizations who are dealing with increasing patient loads and the task of meeting government and industry requirements have two main goals: to reduce costs and simplify management. It’s also critical that they ensure reliability and availability with the systems they use. Many healthcare organizations still rely on faxing as their main mode of information distribution, even though faxing comes with hardware failures and maintenance issues, not to mention security risks.

    One way healthcare organizations can reduce costs, simplify management and increase reliability is by taking advantage of virtualization and voice over IP (VoIP) technology. With NetFoIP, they can take advantage of both. NetFoIP is a completely virtualized faxing solution for NetDelivery and NetFax, Interbit Data’s healthcare report distribution solutions. By allowing the virtualization of the NetDelivery and NetFax servers, NetFoIP enables hospitals to improve operational efficiency, remove h…

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  • Have you ever thought to yourself “There’s got to be a better way to do this”? Well, you’re probably right, there probably was a better way of completing the task. Often times we get so caught up in getting something completed by a deadline, we don’t look into alternative, more efficient ways of getting it done. What you don’t realize is, your hospital may actually already have an answer to all of your stresses.

    Many Healthcare IT departments continuously run scripts on the clinical side of the hospital, automating routine data entry tasks. Have you ever thought to run similar scripts within your business office to help cut down on your own repetitive, time consuming tasks? Think about it – a cost effective solution that would help streamline business processes and allow your staff more time to focus on other tasks.

    Hospitals are beginning to implement scripting in a variety of ways other than purely clinical. Wayne Memorial Health has been …

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