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  • PDoc templates for Inpatient and ED

    Thank you. Maybe I need to try this. We are a small community and physicians have roots here. So it is hard to get them to do what is needed sometimes. Even trying to get them to tell us what they

    Last by R****** *****
  • Direct Messaging

    We are working with SCHIEX in SC and have the same problem with receiving messages as well. For those that have been successful is there anything specific that you had to set up on your Meditech side

    Last by C****** *****
  • ED triage/ ED Physician t sheet

    We also had T-Sheet that the ED providers were using prior to pDoc.
    We made a decision to NOT use these for our pDoc implementation as the process of using these really did not work and you would hav

    Last by R*** *******

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