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  • PDoc templates for Inpatient and ED

    We built all of our own pDoc Templates.
    We looked at other examples as well as the MEDITECH standard templates.
    The issue we have seen with most all of the standard content is that they are trying t

    Last by R*** *******
  • Anyone have any success with building PCM/Pdoc rules?

    First I will tell you that in 6.06 most of the PCM rule functions do not work.
    We have recently taken 6.07 pp4 and the rules portion of PCM now are working much better than before. They are actually

    Last by R*** *******
  • PCS Nursing Worklist

    What are sites doing to streamline the PCS worklist? We tend to have a growing number of interventions on the worklist (many of these are related to CPOE and order set builds) Just curious if other si

    Last by A *******

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