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  • Integrated PIC Content Suggestions - MEDITECH C/S 5.66 pp8

    We are a MEDTECH Client/Server 5.66 priority pack 8 site. We are currently using Integrated Micromedix PIC for both inpatient and ambulatory/Eligible Provider sides to meet MU criteria. We are getting

    Last by D*** *****
  • ED Take Home Meds

    For those faciliites in smaller communities without a 24 hour pharmacy in near proximity, can you share how you manage/do you manage ED take home supplies? In what situations do you dispense take hom

    Last by M****** *****
  • Attribute to remove response on a CDS?

    Our site is looking for a way to remove a comment from a CDS if there is one already on there when they place an order in POM, but then be able to add their own response. Meditech provided us with a K

    Last by K** ******

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