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  • APGAR in PCS and PDOC

    Hello all! Here is the link to Cathy's screen shot for all to access,

    Please let me know if you

    Last by M***** ******
  • Drug-Drug Interaction Monitoring


    Have you made any strides on this? We are just into the building phase of AlertSpace and are interested in your workflow. We are 6.07 pp3e

    Lisa Manor

    Last by L*** *****
  • Charge capture in ORM

    That's interesting. Is it simply an assessment field with a numeric entry for the number of charges or how do you have that structured? For us, IV starts, catheters, etc because we use the ORM

    Last by K**** ******

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  • Meditech Uncovered Series, part 3

    I wrote a little while back about how stressful that first call is for a Meditech analyst. It's that first moment where you're not really sure what's going to happen and you still feel relatively raw in your overall knowledge. What may be a close second in terms of legit fear is the first customer training you ever go through. You can have all the experience in the world, be completely prepared for what you're going to present, but once that group is in there, who knows what type of character you're going to get...there's always "that guy"...

    Regardless of whether it's a training session or even just a regular meeting at your local facility, there's always that person who can be a handful. It's certainly not an experience that is exclusive to Meditech training sessions. That being said, when we were getting trained to present to customers, it was always noted that you had to be prepared for …

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  • Despite your best efforts to control the documentation at the request level, sometimes there are factors that simply can’t be conveyed without some sort of a discussion. This is especially the case in healthcare environments where the rules within the data itself can be complicated. It’s just not realistic to expect any one individual to understand all aspects of the environment or to have the required clinical experience in all the modules and processes involved. Good communication also helps make people aware of what it takes to actually develop a new report and the some of the details that need to be considered.

    Key Reasons for Report Clarification/Collaboration:

    1. Differences in terminology. This can be a huge barrier especially between a technical and non technical person. Healthcare and clinical environments bring with them an entire dictionary of specialized terms, concepts, and definitions that no single person could possibly understand it all. Add to tha…

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  • We've all been there. We're in the middle of our go live and we find ourselves wondering, what am I missing? It's impossible to plan for everything, but hopefully these 5 tips are a good starting point.

    1. Your job profiles are not ironclad.
    Every hospital has one opportunity during go live to ensure that their job profiles are built properly at the start. Take the time to engage end users and determine what access they truly need. Later on in the process, it will save an endless amount of time and frustration having reliable roles to apply to user profiles. It's amazing when you can assign a job role of HIM Analyst to someone in that department and feel confident they'll have access to all the routines they need. If these are not setup properly from the start, the functionality essentially becomes useless.

    2. The Charge Procedure Dictionary has not been audited.
    Surprising to hear that it's arguably the most important dictionary in your system? F…

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