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  • Revenue by Location - Magic 5.64


    Our dictionaries are built using charge codes that use mnemonics based on location, meaning we have 5-7 codes for 1 type of charge. This was done so each mnemonic could be tied to a certain

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  • 6.07 Downtime Forms

    I would like to know if we have anyone that would be willing to share their downtime forms (Adults and Pediatrics) for the Admission Assessment and Shift Assessment. My email address is sabra.strickla

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  • Refusal documentation for Immunizations

    Sorry, I did not realize you were referring to the MPM clinic product. Yes, we use MPM for our clinics and on the hospital side we are a Meditech 6.07 site. We are not able to link them up either.

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  • Virtually all MEDITECH customers won’t consider implementing a storage array for their environment unless it has been certified by MEDITECH.

    Over the past three plus years since I joined Dell, I have been heavily involved in developing Dell infrastructure solutions for the MEDITECH market. Although Dell servers are generally recognized as a standard in this market, the Dell Compellent storage array is a relative new comer.

    Virtually all MEDITECH customers won’t consider implementing a storage array for their MEDITECH environment unless it has been certified as an acceptable solution by MEDITECH. MEDITECH sets very high standards that each storage vendor must achieve before they will put their stamp of approval on it. That stands to reason as the MEDITECH EMR system is the hospital’s lifeblood. If the system not available or is performing poorly, the efficiency of the hospital’s daily operations are severely compromised. This is unacceptable as patients’ well-being could be put at risk.

    MEDITECH on Dell Compellent storage certifications is an area where I…

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  • Often we encounter an issue & struggle while working with MEDITECH because we strayed so far from Best Practices to accommodate a workflow.

    The facility I work for upgraded to MEDITECH’s 6.06 platform in 2012. At that time, I was a clinical superuser from the OR, and had very little understanding what impact the decisions I was making would have on others users for years to come. I also had no idea what opportunities and challenges would present themselves over the next three years.

    In that time, I transitioned away from the bedside, into a full-time IT clinical analyst role. I also completed a master’s degree in health informatics, and learned many new principles. Eventually, I moved into my current role as a manager, and began to see things from yet another perspective.

    Having these experiences and functioning in a completely different role has led me to ask one question more frequently than any other:

    Why did we choose to customize almost every application to existing workflows, instead of modifying workflows to those outlined in MEDITECH&rsqu…

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  • Jumping into healthcare right out of college with a Management Information Systems degree was a bit on the scary side.

    Jumping into healthcare right out of college with a Management Information Systems degree was a bit on the scary side. All I really knew was retail and of course…coursework. I did not have any healthcare knowledge or experience. To be honest, I hated hearing about diseases, surgeries, organs, etc. Never did I think I would be working in a hospital. However, during my senior year, I was given the opportunity to work at a hospital as an IT Intern for graduation credit.

    During the internship, I was mainly exposed to help desk duties but was also able to show off some VB and Crystal Reports skills. At the end of the internship, my superior told me they were creating a new position and that I should apply. The new role would be a Database Administrator. I still had about 6 months until graduation and was very unsure of my capabilities to do the tasks that a DBA was supposed to do. Luckily, my superior believed in me and my ability to learn. I was hired par…

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