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  • Orders notification to the Nurse?

    Hi Autumn,
    Woudl you mind sending screenshots for the status board asknowledge order?
    what does it look like when it is a "new" order"? and what does it look like once the new order h

    Last by M* ***
  • Citrix Best Practices

    We are 6.07 hosted.

    1. How frequently are the Citrix servers rebooted? All at once or in groups?
    - We reboot the odd servers one night and the even servers the next night. We do this aro

    Last by J*** ****
  • Pharmacist Managed Protocols and CPOE

    I am curious about how your organizations are handling these consults and protocol/policy orders for meaningful use numbers. Is anyone actively using the orders created by PHA based on the consult, e

    Last by C**** ******

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