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  • A simple reference guide that provides background on SQL Terminology for beginners.

    “Crystal Reports”

    A reporting solution currently owned by SAP. Read-only environment that allows you to build complex report files from a relational database. Strengths are with formatting and presentation.

    “Microsoft SQL Server”

    The base engine that resides on a server that controls one or many SQL databases. Very popular RDBMS.


    Stands for “Open Database Connectivity”. A standard interface for connecting to a relational database system. Windows applications and reporting tools can use this technology to access a RDBMS data across a network.


    A type of SQL Statement that returns data from the database. Most often it begins with the SELECT keyword. Queries are read only and typically do not change any data. Data for all reports are built from some sort of a query.

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  • I have been in healthcare for over 30 years and seen how sick people experience anxiety during check-in. Self-registration kiosks changed everything.

    By Jeri Pack, CHAM, Director, Revenue Solutions, Baptist Health, November 18, 2014

    I have been in healthcare for over 30 years, and I have seen first-hand how sick people often experience unnecessary anxiety during check- in. I also have learned how healthcare organizations may create unneeded work and stress due to their poor registration processes and the inefficient documentation trail that’s produced.

    These hassles have been eliminated at Montgomery Cancer Center where we have implemented several self-registration kiosks.

    Before our kiosks were in place, like at most other facilities, patients got registered, but they did not go through the process in the timely and efficient fashion that they should. We had, on average, 450 patients a day. To funnel that many people through one portal, or one type of intake area, was almost physically impossible. When you consider that these patients were suffering from cancer…

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  • There are a lot of articles and statistics on the internet touting how much money eLearning can save an organization. Does this hold true for EPIC implementations in healthcare? I would like to say the answer is simple but there are many factors to consider. There is an art to creating eLearning that engages the mind and critical thinking skills and increases retention. Unfortunately, a good majority of “eLearning” today in healthcare consists of automated PowerPoint slides that the participant can click through while multitasking. Clicking through a presentation typically does not really lead to “learning”. If you reduce seat time by keeping employees on the unit but they do not learn anything, have you saved money? Considerations for eLearning in a healthcare setting - Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere - Timely learning - Consistent delivery - Learner engagement/retention of learning - Self-paced delivery - Reduced cost Synopsis: eLearning c…

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