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Health IT Startup Redox scores $9 Million for being Epic friendly and having connections with Epic

February 1st, 2017 | 09:24 PM (UTC)

NY venture capital firm RRE Ventures might as well have bought $9 million dollars in toilet paper. This is a relationship sell at its best.

“The proliferation of health care applications promises better data, better patient care and better outcomes. Redox is helping application companies and health systems alike to realize that promise,” Rishi said.

This is another gem...

“Having (software) developers in different cities actually has been beneficial to us,” Skievaski said, by getting Redox known to health-tech companies in other parts of the country. He said another mission of Redox has been to help younger startups develop health-related apps.

Smoke and mirrors.  This venture capital firm has gotten cozy with some guys in Madison who used to work with Epic.  They likely sold them on some relationships that don't mean much with the idea that they can integrate data from Epic.  Sadly, they probably went on to say that they are working with non-Epic hospitals as well to try and make them seem less risky.

I've seen a lot of start ups.  If you say you have another mission to "help younger startups develop health-related apps" as well, you're already dead.  The really sad part?  You'll spend other peoples money to realize that.


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