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ESPN meets HIPAA with Football player Jason Pierre-Paul. The network is still clueless.

February 5th, 2017 | 03:58 PM (UTC)

HIPAA is no joke, The responsibility of protecting PHI is immense. Appears they still don't get it based on their statement on Schefter's reporting.

ESPN continues to firmly believe that its reporting about Mr. Pierre-Paul’s July 2015 injury, including the use of a medical chart that definitively described the seriousness of the injury and resulting treatment, was both newsworthy and journalistically appropriate. Despite their different points of view, the parties have agreed to amicably resolve their dispute rather than continue their litigation.

For those of you who don't what happened, ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted "ESPN obtained medical charts that show Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul had right index finger amputated today" with a photo (https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/618918579770146816?lang=en).  It completely violated all sorts of HIPAA privacy laws and brought into question the protection of journalists and the right to privacy.

Let's be clear - this was all about vanity and breaking a big story.  This isn't Diane Sawyer traveling to Afghanistan and citing anonymous interview subjects to protect their identity.  This was football and thus ridiculous.  And I love football for the record.

How ESPN can consider this journalistically appropriate still is insane - the fact the tweet is still live is insane.  Questions I love to ask though is how is the person who granted him access still working there?  How is Schefter protected enough not to give up the source of the worker who commited the violation?  Readers with legal backgrounds - your take is welcome!

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