A Kansas City Hospital Saves $318K Per Year with E-forms For Lawson. Want Some of That?

September 19th, 2016 | 03:06 PM (UTC)

Learn how to get more from Infor Lawson w/ e-forms and electronic signatures

“We’re saving 13,889 work hours each year with the efficiencies created by Access’s web-based forms system. This amounts to a $318,890 annual cost savings, and a three-month ROI.”

- Systems Analyst, Leading Kansas City Hospital

When you bought Infor Lawson, you were probably hoping to automate processes, reduce manual effort and get rid of paper. Sound about right? Well, I bet that this versatile ERP system got you most of the way to achieving these goals. But if you were to conduct an audit of all your workflows, I bet that there are still more than a few pieces of elusive paper making their way between desks for approvals.

Whether you work in HR, materials management, IT/IS or any other back office department, chasing paper slows is annoying, time-consuming and, when you think of all the lost hours trying to track down that missing expense report or capital request, costly. In addition, your colleagues hate being bugged about whether they’ve signed a document or not, and are frustrated by their inability to make such authorizations when they’re away from their office. And if there’s one thing a CFO, CIO or CIO hates, it’s coming into work on Monday morning to find a giant stack of paperwork on his or her desk.

If any or all of these challenges sound all too familiar, I’m here to tell you that there’s a better, faster and more cost effective way to manage your approvals. If you can spare 30 minutes, I’d like you to join me at noon (Central Time) on Thursday, September 22 for a webinar, in which I’ll explain how e-forms and electronic signatures can help you:

- Identify paper gaps in HR, materials management and purchasing

- Discover the impact of a completely electronic forms process

- Understand how a dynamic approval workflow provides value

- Learn about the e-forms experience of real Infor Lawson customers

- Integrate e-forms and e-signatures with Infor Lawson applications

Click here to sign up for the webinar. Can’t make it that day? Then email me and I’ll be happy to set up a personalized demo.

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